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Business Planning

Most people starting a business face a choice as to how to organize. Many people operate businesses as sole proprietors or as partners. However, by doing so they leave themselves personally vulnerable, because the business' creditors can seek to collect against the owners' or partners' personal assets. In contrast, corporations shield their owners' personal assets from the reach of business creditors. Corporations are legal entities distinct from their owners (i.e., their shareholders); the corporations have assets and liabilities of their own, and continue to "live" even after the death of particular owners.

The attorneys at Kollias P.C. serve the business and company organization needs of its clients located throughout DuPage County, Cook County, Will County, Kane County, Kendall County, the Chicagoland area, and all collar counties. If you are starting a new business, we can help you decide which business structure would work best for you in order to accomplish your goals, walk you through the process that is required to start your business, and prepare and file the necessary documents with the appropriate entities and state agencies.

Clients can become overwhelmed when faced with the decision about how their company should be organized and the benefits and pitfalls associated with each potential option. At Kollias P.C. we strive to simplify the process and tailor each decision to that particular client’s business needs.

In order to incorporate a business, a person forming a new business must follow a number of steps that can be complicated if not done correctly. These include:

  • Choosing an appropriate name for the corporation, checking that your company's name is not already in use and/or confusingly similar to another company's name
  • Preparing and filing Articles of Incorporation in compliance with Illinois law
  • Preparing the corporation's bylaws, which are the internal regulations that detail how the corporation will be run and by whom
  • Preparing necessary minutes of meetings for the shareholders and board of directors
  • Obtaining the necessary business licenses
  • Designate a registered agent for service of process
  • Registering for federal employer identification number
  • Filing to elect an s-corporation tax status, if appropriate
  • Registering the company with the Illinois Department of Revenue, Department of Employment Security, and such other government agencies as may be necessary
  • Prepare a shareholder agreement

As experienced business planning attorneys, our goal is to take the hassle out of setting up your company, so that you can use your time to focus on running your business. We will help you comply with all of the legal requirements as efficiently as possible, so your corporation can be up and running quickly and smoothly. If you already have incorporated, we would welcome the opportunity to prepare, review, or revise your shareholder agreements or buy/sell agreements, company organization, and more. We can also help your existing corporation to maintain compliance with the ongoing formalities mandated by Illinois law.

For all your business planning needs, please call us at (630) 912-8700, or fill out and submit our online intake form. We will be happy to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation.

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"Dan and his staff were very professional. They communicated to me in a timely manner. I felt very comfortable working with Dan. I would recommend Dan and his office to any one." C.E.
"Ms. Defino did an absolutely amazing job working with me on my case. She was very, very prepared, was excellent in responding to calls, emails and messages, understood the law and worked with with partners of her firm if there were areas that we needed advice and other opinions on. Jessica was a very comfortable to work with, super personal and got all of my needs and wants out of my divorce case. I would highly recommend working with Ms. Defino." T.J.
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