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Kollias & Giese, P.C. provides aggressive, effective representation focused on meeting each client’s unique needs. If you are facing legal challenges in the areas of family law, business, or estate planning, please contact us for a free 30-minute consultation.

Below are some of our clients’ comments on our performance:

Post Decree - Child Support and Custody
“I hired Lisa as my representative for a post decree child support and child custody case in Kane County. She was responsive and very competent. This is high praise if you knew how I feel about most attorneys. She was also very fair in her billing. Of course lawyers are expensive, but she was honest in her billing hours - often cutting me a break. I have acted pro-se and have dealt with multiple attorneys, mediators, and GALS. She is by far one of the best I have worked with. If you have to work with an attorney in Kane County, she is the way to go.”

- Chris

Very Happy with the Outcome of my Case
“I hired Lisa after switching attorneys during my divorce case, seeking new counsel. Lisa is responsive, understanding and knowledgeable. It was clear to me that she was paying attention to the details of my case throughout. During the case, Lisa was an excellent advocate for my son and I. Currently, I am so happy to spend the parenting time with my son that I was able to get agreement on via Lisa's help. Lisa is an excellent coach and counselor. I also found her encouraging and caring towards the stress of my case.

Also- I was impressed by the legal team at Kollias and Giese. They are responsive and helpful when I needed their assistance.

Lastly, and also very important- whenever I received an invoice, I felt like the billing was accurate and fair.

Thanks very much Lisa!”

- Ryan

Great Representation
“I hired Lisa M. Giese in early 2018 to modify my Marital Settlement Agreement. She carefully listened to my concerns, reviewed the agreement, analyzed the options and recommended solutions that were both logical and made legal sense.

Throughout the legal proceedings, I experienced a professional representation, a cohesive teamwork and a targeted approach on their end that bared results for me.

I highly recommend attorney Lisa M. Giese and her team for any divorce or family case.”

- Anonymous

If you're Looking for the Best
“This is actually the sight where I found Ms. Giese after two previous lawyers who came recommended but did little to include me in the decisions and direction of my case. Thankfully I found Lisa, she has been a god send to me. She is bright, prepared, committed, ethical and caring, an unusual set of traits in the divorce field. From our first meeting Lisa seemed invested in my case, she has been extremely hard working and thorough, responding promptly to my questions, emails, and calls . Unfortunately, after many attempts to reach settlement, my divorce had been highly contentious and complicated lasting 3 years. After going to trial as well as the appellate court, both with success, I have continued to retain Lisa's services to enforce the rulings of my settlement and to deal with the endless motions my former husband has initiated. Lisa's calm and warm demeanor as well as her in depth knowledge of the law is reassuring and inspiring. She will never give up on you. Lisa assesses your individual situation and treats you with respect while remaining focused on the best outcome for you. She will explain different courses of action and will act efficiently and honorably. If you are looking for someone who will act in your behalf with integrity and avoids unnecessary petty arguments with opposing counsel then you will not be disappointed in Lisa. She may not tell you what you want to hear at times, but she will be truthful and patient. Her knowledge base, negotiating skills and research driven practice allow her to avoid the nasty tactics that to often are used by other lawyers in this field. I don't know what I would have done without Lisa during this exceptionally stressful and challenging time. This is one accomplished young lady with insight and maturity beyond her years, not to mention class and grace; you will be impressed with her results.”

- Mary

Very Pleased
“I found Dan Kollias during an internet search for a divorce lawyer. He and his staff were very professional and thorough during my divorce process. Dan is very knowledgeable of divorce law and always made sure I understood the reality of the law and how it would affect me. I liked the fact that Dan, with his years of experience, would tell me what was possible and what was not possible regarding my case and that really impressed me. Dan was very proactive when preparing my case. He asked for information that felt would help my case. To me, that demonstrated his knowledge and experience from his years of representing clients. From a financial viewpoint, I never felt that Dan overcharged me or provided any services that were not warranted.

Dan also has an excellent staff working for him. I could call anytime during business hours and speak with his assistant who was professional and friendly and made sure my questions were answered or forwarded to Dan. If I did have a question that only Dan could answer, he would get back to me with an answer within 24 hours or as soon as he could get the answer.

I highly recommend Dan Kollias if you are in need of a divorce lawyer.”

- Ken

Highly Recommended Divorce Lawyer
“I hired Dan Kollias after my previous lawyer was unable to move my divorce along in an efficient, beneficial manner. Before retaining him, I explained the situation and what I expected. Dan clearly spelled out to me his intended next steps, and how he would approach the situation. After retaining him, Dan immediately followed through on those steps as promised. He did a great job of filtering out the non-important issues and kept his actions working towards finalizing the divorce and obtaining the terms that were in my best interest. As a father being threatened with loss of custody and basic parenting rights, Dan gave me the confidence to stand firm on the things I needed without the worry of losing those rights. Dan was consistently very responsive with both phone calls and emails. He did a great job of summarizing to me where everything stood at every phase of the process. Dan is very knowledgeable and made it a priority to make sure I understood things clearly. I would absolutely recommend him as a divorce lawyer.”

- Brian

Most Honest and Trustworthy Person I have had a Professional Relationship With!!!
“I have had the special privilege to work with Dan Kollias on many occasions within the last 6 years. He has been the most honest, straight forward and trustworthy person I have ever had dealings with. I have recommended Dan to several of my friends that have had needed legal counsel or advice and I will always recommend Dan to anyone that may need his services. I have had a very special and at times, difficult divorce/child custody case and Dan ALWAYS had an answer for me whether I liked it or not. Dan, his staff, and fellow attorneys that share the office space with him were always there and the communication was always excellent.

I still can not thank Dan enough for all the help he has given to me and my family through all the difficult times we went through. Dan actually cared what happened to me, my children and the whole court proceedings, it is a very rare person that you find that can show that they care in this profession. In my opinion the fees that Dan charged, he went above and beyond what he needed to make sure that everything was handled to the best of his abilities and the time he spent was very well documented. I was very satisfied with paying what Dan asked as I knew what I was getting in return, very well worth what the fees were.

Again, I want to say thanks to Dan and his staff for all the help and support that I was given during all the years of court proceedings that we went through.”

- Wes

Simply, the Best
“I hired Dan on a very highly litigated case with my daughter. Letting him go was very difficult for me - and I regret it till this day. I have had many attorneys (as my case is on-going) and nobody compares to how Dan was extremely dedicated to my case.

Dan is highly well known, respectable, in DuPage Courts. I have only said positive things about him in what he has done for my case. He was very truthful and communicative. He did his very best to try and protect my daughter. He remembered dates, incidents, evidence, retold my case perfect - even during my arbitration hearing.

If I could rehire him, I would in a heart beat. I know he would have never let my case get out of hand. I recommend him if you want someone who will try every strategy to protect you and your child in your case.

Simply, the best.”

- Anonymous

Thank you Jessica
“Jessica did a tremendous work on my divorce case. She always communicated with me on time and was available to take my calls. Her advices were accurate and honest. I appreciate her compassionate approach to my case and understanding my children needs. She is very knowledgeable and understands court of law very well. I would recommend her services to anyone.”

- Anonymous

“I found Jane through this website, actually, and decided to use her services for Chapter 7 bankruptcy based on other's reviews identifying her ability to empathize with her clients as being a real strength. There were plenty of options out there that I'm sure would have produced the same successful result that we received, but I personally think there is tremendous value in having representation that doesn't treat your case as just another file. She really put our minds at ease and provided simplistic guidance throughout every step in the process.

At no time, during the bankruptcy proceedings, did my wife or I feel as though we weren't a priority. Jane was not only timely in her responses, but took additional time to respond in enough detail to answer potential secondary questions that may have arisen from the answer provided.

I would give my fullest recommendation to use Jane's services with your case if you're looking for someone who is not only knowledgeable, but someone who is also personable and attentive.”

- Kris

“I was impressed with Jane she was right from start very helpful my divorce should been easy but it was not on the end due to my ex-husband slow response. Jane give to this case all now I'm divorce and happy. I couldn't thank Jane enough for taking extra steps to close this chapter of my life.

A lawyer I trust.”

- Marketa

“Jane was very upfront about what she could do for me with regard to settling my delinquent student loan debt. The debt collectors were harassing and unwilling to negotiate wanting the full amount in one payment. She kept me updated along the way and negotiated a reasonable payment plan that I could afford. She told me how she billed, and I received a detailed invoice at the end with a check of the remainder of my retainer. I am more than pleased with her legal services and would not hesitate to retain her in the future should the need arise. I will definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

- Tracy

Great Attorney
“Jane was great to work with. She always got back to me on a timely basis. She is very knowledgeable about divorce law. She handled my divorce and handled it not only in a professional manner, but a personable one too. She was great at explaining how the whole process worked and guided me very well through my case. I not only recommend her, but I would use her again.

Made an incredibly stressful situation more manageable - Going with Jane was the best decision we could have made.”

- Seana

“I was very lucky to find Lisa as my first attorney on my child custody and visitation needs. Where do I start, she’s amazing! Everything from responding quickly to my emails, to handling stressful situations with complete professionalism, through keeping me extremely well informed of the entire process. Lisa is very passionate in her work, and this alone makes a huge difference. Don’t think…just hire her. You won’t be disappointed.”

- D.Z.

“I would recommend Dan Kollias to anyone in need of a good divorce attorney. Having gone through a very unfriendly divorce, I can honestly say that Dan was there to not only guide and assist, but look out for me (and my children) every step of the way. I was especially impressed with his consistent follow up, timely responses, as well as the manner and patience he demonstrated when explaining things. I also enjoyed the fact that Dan had a sense of humor, when appropriate, which was helpful in making a difficult situation a little less difficult!”

- J.C.

“Lisa has experience, knowledge, and gave affectionate guidance, she made me believe that I was worth being her client. She handled my case in an extremely competent and professional matter. Aside from just liking her personally, her preparedness was impressive. She had great patience with me; I know that was probably rough. I have great appreciation for her, and her incredible representation; she has been very pleasant, courteous and helpful in her dealings with me and, of course, I will highly recommend her to anybody looking for legal services. ”

- S.C.

“Let me start out by thanking [Dan Kollias] for helping me maintain my sanity during the most difficult moment in my life, and securing a better future for my kids and me. You are professional, resolve issues quickly, and predict realistic probable outcomes, all at a reasonable rate. More important is that you are compassionate to my feelings.

One of the things I value most about our relationship is that you are easy to contact… You answer emails very promptly and do not mind answering my ongoing questions.

Since the divorce you have maintained the same level of legal performance and support as issues have arisen. I will keep recommending you to all my friends.”

- L.S.

“I was a little skeptical at first, Lisa did not have decades of experience and our divorce was complicated. However, she has proven to be a total gem. She is committed, is in it for the cause and that makes a huge difference. She was very good at all of the legal details and nuances, knowledgeable - knows the law, was constantly in touch with me via e-mail (day, night and weekends), always kept her cool and was professional even when his attorney was very unprofessional, and worked incredible hours even while she was on vacation! Most of all - really forced the settlement, so we both did not spend a fortune in attorney fees. ”

- D.M.

“I just wanted to thank [Dan Kollias] for all of the hard work on the closing of my house. I really believe had I been represented by anyone else there would have been a real chance of the house not closing. I just wanted to make sure that your efforts are appreciated; any future real estate dealings will go through you. Thanks again.”

- B.C.

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