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Kollias P.C. provides aggressive, effective representation focused on meeting each client’s unique needs. If you are facing legal challenges in the areas of family law, business, or estate planning, please contact us for a free 30-minute consultation.

Below are some of our clients’ comments on our performance:

“Dan and his staff were very professional. They communicated to me in a timely manner. I felt very comfortable working with Dan. I would recommend Dan and his office to any one.”

- C.E.

“Great attorneys!”

- K.C.

“I met with 8 or so firms before meeting with Kollias P.C. I went with this firm because out of all the firms I met with, Dan was a straight shooter from the beginning of my case. Kept me informed the entire time every step of the way, and even calmed me down before taking the witness stand (which I was very nervous to do). I could not have hoped for a better outcome, I got everything I fought for (mostly child support reduction but there were other matters involved as well). Was pretty sure that some of the stuff I was going for was a long shot but Dan made it all happen. The case lasted 8 months and Dan was there for me throughout. Way more than I could have ever hoped for in an attorney. Worth every penny.”

- Jason

“Daniel Kollias has been my lawyer since my divorce in 2008 and my friend (full disclosure here) since junior high. Dan has been nothing but professional in all of my legal proceedings and a wealth of information. One of the main things I really appreciate about Dan is that he is a straight shooter and does not sugarcoat anything which for me is important. I do not want a "yes" man. Dan is the first to tell you that you are the client and he will act on your behalf to your wishes but he is also proficient at giving you your options and explaining what the consequences or benefits may be to a particular course of action. I appreciate that in him because I would rather know all the scenarios than be surprised or uninformed. He is intelligent and intuitive and fully explains his intentions in regards to why he is filing a particular motion or pursuing a particular avenue on your behalf. Dan has also been there with me through any subsequent proceedings such as having to return to court to obtain funds owed by my ex husband outside of child support and any child modification issues that arose. Dan is excellent at communication and quick to respond to any questions. Dan has even provided valuable assistance to my husband as well with questions he has had regarding child modification issues for his own children after my husband's original lawyer retired. Dan's staff is also very professional and reliable which helps communication and documentation go very smoothly. Determining which lawyer is best for you to represent you in a divorce is a stressful and important decision especially when you are in the emotional tidal wave of dissolving a marriage and possibly a family. My friendship with Dan notwithstanding, I am a very direct and practical person who does not pull any punches with my endorsements. I highly recommend that you consider Dan for your representation; at the very minimum, meet with him and see for yourself how Dan can assist you in navigating such a sad and frustrating life event as a divorce. And to you reading who may be struggling, I wish you good luck.”

- V.D.

“Dan has an incredible ability to put you right at ease from the minute you speak to him. That is something that helped me a lot while I was going through a very contentious divorce. I went to two law firms before I met with Dan and In just 15 mins of speaking with him , I had made up my mind and knew I wanted him to represent me . Dan and his law firm have a wonderful reputation in the community and are highly respected . Dan keeps you grounded and is also very realistic in terms of demands and that’s what I liked best. I have referred several of my friends and will continue to do so. You want him on your side , he will fight for you and is very well respected amongst his peers and in the courtroom.”

- K.M.

“Daniel was able to help me expand my company with contracts. He was so nice and took time to really understand what I needed. He thought of things I had no idea I even needed to think about. He took time to explain things to me I was unsure. He wrote everything for me in a perfect time frame. I would highly recommend Daniel with any small business needs!!!”

- T.J.

“I was referred to Dan Kollias for my divorce case by other family members who had used his services in the past. Dan worked very hard on what turned out to be a complicated case and was professional and helpful throughout. He kept me informed of status and changes and met with me whenever a face-to-face meeting was requested or needed. I highly recommend Dan to others who need professional legal assistance.”

- J.W.

“I recently went through a divorce and Dan Kollias was my attorney. He was great! He helped me understand the laws and made sure I knew what I was entitled to. Dan and every person I dealt with in the law firm were friendly and professional. I always knew they were just a phone call or email away. They answered everything quickly and followed up on anything I needed. I highly recommend Kollias P.C.!”

- F.K.

“Dan Kollias came highly recommended and I can’t say enough good things about him. Throughout my divorce process, Dan always made sure that my best interests were well represented, with integrity. He is compassionate, attentive and I was totally impressed by his organization and solid negotiation skills. I can’t thank Dan enough and will always be grateful for having him as my attorney. I would highly recommend using Dan Kollias as your divorce attorney. ”

- Stacy

“I can't say enough good things about my experience working with Dan. He was so helpful and supportive throughout the divorce process. He was attentive, quick to respond, and always worked to find the best ways toward resolution. If you are going through a divorce and looking for a great lawyer who will be on your side and do whatever possible to help you, there is no one better than Dan.”

- J.C.

“I was referred to Kollias P.C. for my divorce and I have nothing but positive things to say about Dan Kollias. I was very nervous before my initial meeting with Dan but he was able to calm my nerves as he is very knowledgeable and very detailed about the divorce process. Dan is very personable yet professional. I felt confident and secure with Dan as my lawyer and I would highly recommend him.”

- J.L.

Very Pleased
“I found Dan Kollias during an internet search for a divorce lawyer. He and his staff were very professional and thorough during my divorce process. Dan is very knowledgeable of divorce law and always made sure I understood the reality of the law and how it would affect me. I liked the fact that Dan, with his years of experience, would tell me what was possible and what was not possible regarding my case and that really impressed me. Dan was very proactive when preparing my case. He asked for information that felt would help my case. To me, that demonstrated his knowledge and experience from his years of representing clients. From a financial viewpoint, I never felt that Dan overcharged me or provided any services that were not warranted.

Dan also has an excellent staff working for him. I could call anytime during business hours and speak with his assistant who was professional and friendly and made sure my questions were answered or forwarded to Dan. If I did have a question that only Dan could answer, he would get back to me with an answer within 24 hours or as soon as he could get the answer.

I highly recommend Dan Kollias if you are in need of a divorce lawyer.”

- Ken

Highly Recommended Divorce Lawyer
“I hired Dan Kollias after my previous lawyer was unable to move my divorce along in an efficient, beneficial manner. Before retaining him, I explained the situation and what I expected. Dan clearly spelled out to me his intended next steps, and how he would approach the situation. After retaining him, Dan immediately followed through on those steps as promised. He did a great job of filtering out the non-important issues and kept his actions working towards finalizing the divorce and obtaining the terms that were in my best interest. As a father being threatened with loss of custody and basic parenting rights, Dan gave me the confidence to stand firm on the things I needed without the worry of losing those rights. Dan was consistently very responsive with both phone calls and emails. He did a great job of summarizing to me where everything stood at every phase of the process. Dan is very knowledgeable and made it a priority to make sure I understood things clearly. I would absolutely recommend him as a divorce lawyer.”

- Brian

Most Honest and Trustworthy Person I have had a Professional Relationship With!!!
“I have had the special privilege to work with Dan Kollias on many occasions within the last 6 years. He has been the most honest, straight forward and trustworthy person I have ever had dealings with. I have recommended Dan to several of my friends that have had needed legal counsel or advice and I will always recommend Dan to anyone that may need his services. I have had a very special and at times, difficult divorce/child custody case and Dan ALWAYS had an answer for me whether I liked it or not. Dan, his staff, and fellow attorneys that share the office space with him were always there and the communication was always excellent.

I still can not thank Dan enough for all the help he has given to me and my family through all the difficult times we went through. Dan actually cared what happened to me, my children and the whole court proceedings, it is a very rare person that you find that can show that they care in this profession. In my opinion the fees that Dan charged, he went above and beyond what he needed to make sure that everything was handled to the best of his abilities and the time he spent was very well documented. I was very satisfied with paying what Dan asked as I knew what I was getting in return, very well worth what the fees were.

Again, I want to say thanks to Dan and his staff for all the help and support that I was given during all the years of court proceedings that we went through.”

- Wes

Simply, the Best
“I hired Dan on a very highly litigated case with my daughter. Letting him go was very difficult for me - and I regret it till this day. I have had many attorneys (as my case is on-going) and nobody compares to how Dan was extremely dedicated to my case.

Dan is highly well known, respectable, in DuPage Courts. I have only said positive things about him in what he has done for my case. He was very truthful and communicative. He did his very best to try and protect my daughter. He remembered dates, incidents, evidence, retold my case perfect - even during my arbitration hearing.

If I could rehire him, I would in a heart beat. I know he would have never let my case get out of hand. I recommend him if you want someone who will try every strategy to protect you and your child in your case.

Simply, the best.”

- Anonymous

“I would recommend Dan Kollias to anyone in need of a good divorce attorney. Having gone through a very unfriendly divorce, I can honestly say that Dan was there to not only guide and assist, but look out for me (and my children) every step of the way. I was especially impressed with his consistent follow up, timely responses, as well as the manner and patience he demonstrated when explaining things. I also enjoyed the fact that Dan had a sense of humor, when appropriate, which was helpful in making a difficult situation a little less difficult!”

- J.C.

“Let me start out by thanking [Dan Kollias] for helping me maintain my sanity during the most difficult moment in my life, and securing a better future for my kids and me. You are professional, resolve issues quickly, and predict realistic probable outcomes, all at a reasonable rate. More important is that you are compassionate to my feelings.

One of the things I value most about our relationship is that you are easy to contact… You answer emails very promptly and do not mind answering my ongoing questions.

Since the divorce you have maintained the same level of legal performance and support as issues have arisen. I will keep recommending you to all my friends.”

- L.S.

“I just wanted to thank [Dan Kollias] for all of the hard work on the closing of my house. I really believe had I been represented by anyone else there would have been a real chance of the house not closing. I just wanted to make sure that your efforts are appreciated; any future real estate dealings will go through you. Thanks again.”

- B.C.

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