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The village of Burr Ridge is one of a few towns that is located in both DuPage and Cook Counties. Burr Ridge is not densely populated, but it is one of the wealthiest towns in Illinois, with the median income for a family being close to $200,000 a year. Money cannot insulate people from the difficulties of life, however, and family disputes are as prevalent among wealthy people as they are in the rest of society. If you are in the process of determining whether to file a petition for the dissolution of your marriage, or if you were recently served legal documents pertaining to a family law issue, you should meet with a Burr Ridge divorce lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. The experienced family law attorneys at Kollias P.C. will keep you apprised of each step of your case and will work tirelessly to help you seek a favorable outcome.

The Dissolution of a Marriage Under Illinois Law

Under Illinois law, either party can file a petition for dissolution of marriage, which is the term that Illinois uses for a divorce. The petition must set forth certain information regarding the parties, their occupations, where they live, when and where the marriage began, and whether there were any children born during the marriage. It must also set forth the relief that the petitioner is seeking and state whether the parties have entered into any arrangement regarding support or spousal maintenance, or the allocation of parental responsibility for any children. Lastly, the petition must state that irreconcilable differences between the parties have caused them to suffer an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Spousal Maintenance

A common issue with which a divorce attorney in Burr Ridge can assist you is determining whether either party is entitled to spousal maintenance. Under Illinois law, a party may petition the court for temporary maintenance, which is financial support prior to the final dissolution of the marriage. If a party is seeking temporary maintenance, he or she must provide the court with an affidavit stating the basis for the request, and he or she must provide financial documents that support the affidavit, such as tax returns, bank statements, and pay stubs. If the party from whom maintenance is sought believes that there are inconsistencies between the relief sought and the financial documentation, he or she can file a motion requesting a hearing on the matter. If the court finds that the party seeking temporary maintenance deliberately or recklessly filed a misleading affidavit, the court can impose sanctions on that party.

Permanent maintenance is support that is awarded upon the dissolution of the marriage. Generally, permanent maintenance is only awarded when a long-term marriage ends, and there is a substantial disparity between the wealth of the parties. There are many factors that a court can consider in determining whether to award maintenance, and a Burr Ridge divorce attorney can advise you on how they apply to your situation. Some factors include how any marital debts or assets are distributed, the standard of living of the parties during the marriage, and each party’s needs and earning potential.

Permanent maintenance is not truly permanent but can be modified or discontinued under certain circumstances. For example, if there is a material change in circumstances, either party can request a modification. Additionally, permanent maintenance will cease upon the death of either party, or if the party receiving the maintenance remarries or starts living with someone with whom he or she has a romantic relationship.

Consult a Knowledgeable Family Law Attorney

The longer that a couple is married, the more that is at stake if they decide to divorce. In many cases, there is a large disparity in income between the parties. If your spouse or you intend to seek a divorce, it is prudent to consult a skilled family law attorney to assess your options and explain what you may expect during your case. The attorneys at Kollias P.C. can vigorously pursue an outcome that is fair and equitable in an efficient and respectful manner. We proudly represent people who need a divorce lawyer in the Burr Ridge area. You can contact us at (630) 912-8700 or through our online form to set up a meeting.

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