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Itasca has both small town charm and the amenities of a modern city, and it was recently voted the best affordable suburb in Illinois. As a result, Itasca is a great place to raise a family and is home to over 3,000 households, a third of which have children. Even in the most pleasant suburb, however, relationships and marriages end. While ending a romantic partnership is stressful under any circumstances, when a child is involved, it becomes more complicated and increases what is at stake. If you are dealing with a divorce or custody issue or any other family law dispute, you should meet with an experienced family law attorney to determine how you should proceed. At Kollias P.C., our Itasca divorce lawyers will work vigorously to help you pursue an outcome that is in the best interest of your child and you.

Parental Responsibilities

Whether it involves a divorce or the end of a committed relationship, when the parents of a child go their separate ways, the foremost concern should be determining a custody arrangement that is in the best interest of the child. What is known as “custody” in other states is called parental responsibilities in Illinois. Parental responsibilities are divided into decision-making responsibilities and parenting time. If the parents of a child seek a determination from the court as to their parental rights and obligations, the court will issue an order decreeing the appropriate allocation of each parent’s decision-making responsibilities.

Decision-making responsibilities refer to the right to make certain decisions regarding the child’s health care, education, and activities. A court can divide these responsibilities in any manner that it deems appropriate, but the law encourages both parties to be as involved as possible in the child’s upbringing. As with any family law matter concerning a child, the most important consideration is finding an arrangement that is in the best interest of the child. Factors such as each parent’s role in caring for the child, the child’s age, each parent’s resources, and the particular needs of the child are weighed in determining whether something is in a child’s best interest. If the parents disagree, each of them can retain a divorce attorney in the Itasca area to present their position.

Parenting Time

Parenting time refers to each parent’s right to spend time with and care for the child. It is most beneficial to all of the parties involved if the parents can come to an agreement regarding parental responsibilities, including parenting time, and submit the agreement to the court for approval. If they cannot, however, the court will allocate parenting time. Under Illinois law, both parents are presumed to be fit unless proven otherwise, and therefore each should be granted parenting time. The court will consider several factors in determining an appropriate division of parenting time, including the wishes of both parents and the child, taking into account the child’s age and maturity. The court is not permitted to consider any conduct of either parent that does not affect his or her relationship with the child, however. If you are in the process of determining parental responsibilities for your child, you should hire a seasoned Itasca divorce attorney to assist you in protecting your parental rights.

Child Support

In Illinois, both parents have an obligation to support their child, regardless of the status of their relationship. In some cases, one parent may be ordered to pay child support to the other parent to ensure that the child’s needs are adequately met. The Illinois family law code sets forth minimum child support guidelines, which are based on the obligor parent’s net income. The obligation starts at 20 percent of the parent’s net income and increases for each child, up to six children. A deviation from the guidelines is possible in certain circumstances, such as if the child has additional needs or either the child’s or the parent’s financial situation changes.

Speak with a Trusted Family Law Attorney Regarding Your Case

Family law issues arise in all environments, even charming small towns like Itasca. If you live in Itasca and are faced with a family law issue, you should speak with a knowledgeable family law attorney as soon as possible regarding your case and your options moving forward. The experienced family law attorneys at Kollias P.C. will work with you to help you develop a plan to try and resolve your case in a civil manner that is beneficial to all of the parties involved. To schedule a meeting with a divorce lawyer in the Itasca area, call us at (630) 912-8700 or reach us through our online form.

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