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Over 25,000 people live in New Lenox, a village in Will County. About 70% of the community’s residents are married, and there are about 7,000 families there. If you are considering a divorce, there are certain steps that you should take. The first thing that you should do is contact a skilled New Lenox divorce lawyer. The attorneys at Kollias P.C., have a reputation for excellence. Using an individualized approach, we will keep your priorities at the forefront. Whether that means a swift resolution or a court battle, we will be by your side. We can also help answer your questions and give you a sense of how the law will apply to your particular situation.

Who Gets the House?

One of the first questions that New Lenox couples considering a divorce may have is who will keep the house. Since the average home value in New Lenox is $292,000, your home may be one of your biggest assets. Illinois divorce law requires the court to divide all marital assets equitably between the parties. This does not necessarily mean that the assets will be split 50/50, but in a typical situation, it will often be close to an even split. This is especially true if the marriage was long in duration.

When it comes to the house, the court will look at multiple aspects of the situation. One of the biggest factors is who will be living with the children. If possible, the court will keep the children in the house to maximize their stability. Other issues that it may take into account include each party’s ability to afford the mortgage (if there is one) and upkeep on the house. Typically, if one party is awarded the house, the other party will receive other assets to make the division more equitable. Other marital assets will also be divided equitably. A divorce attorney in New Lenox can help you advocate for the arrangement that you prefer.

Child and Spousal Support

Since over 45% of the households in New Lenox have children, many couples considering a divorce will also need to work out child support. Some couples may also need to address spousal support. All states have a statutory scheme that determines a presumptive amount for child support. It is based on the income of the parties and awarded to the parent with whom the child primarily lives. If the parenting plan has set out a shared parenting situation, defined by Illinois law as each parent having the child for at least 146 overnights per year, it gets a little more complicated.

Courts will also look at the child’s needs and the resources of the parents. The goal is for the child to have a similar standard of living in each parent’s household. Since the median household income in New Lenox is $107,000, many families will fall above the specified guidelines for child support. That gives a judge more discretion in determining what an appropriate amount of child support will be in any given situation. A New Lenox divorce attorney can advise you on what to expect in terms of your rights and obligations regarding child support.

Some divorcing spouses may also pay their ex-spouse spousal maintenance, formerly called alimony. Courts are moving away from ordering indefinite maintenance and usually will only do that if it was a long marriage, and one spouse is elderly or disabled and unable to support themselves. There is also rehabilitative maintenance, which is maintenance for a specific amount of time to allow one of the parties to become self-supporting. For example, a spouse may enter a training or educational program to give them job skills, and maintenance is paid until they are able to graduate and get a job.

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The attorneys at Kollias P.C., are proud of their reputation for excellence and professionalism, as well as their client-centered approach. Whether pursuing your goals means a quick resolution or a drawn-out legal battle, the attorneys at Kollias P.C., will work zealously to help you protect your interests. Contact us today online or at (630) 912-8700.

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